It could happen to you

It could happen to you 

Security, Risk, fines, Audits.  You’ve heard it all before.  Chances are, you don’t have enough time in your already busy day to worry about these things.  In our latest blog we hear a story about person who made a tiny mistake.  That one mistake turned into a big problem for the practice.  It all starts with understanding risk.  The best way to do that is through an assessment.  Without educating yourself anything can and will happen.

Ransomware.  It can happen to me, you, anyone.  Running for president or just spending time on Facebook, ransomware does not discriminate.  Not sure what it is?  We’ve talked about it before, but here is a quick refresh…

  • Usually arrives in the form of email.
  • Is purposely disguised to look like a legitimate email.
  • Inside the email is a link or an attachment.  The recipient of the email will click on it.
  • This launches the software.
  • Once executed the ransomware will start rewriting all the files on your computer and encrypting them.

Ransomware doesn’t stop there either.  It looks for any shared drives or other day and encrypts it too.  In some cases the Ransomware can mail itself to all others in your address book.  And with the snap of your fingers, everything is gone, unrecoverable.

You might ask, how do I get my files back?  Simple, you can pay the ransom the maker of the software asks for.  The promise is they will give you a way to decrypt your files in exchange for money, lots of it.

This is never the way to go and the video accompanying this blog will explain why.

Take a look, make security a priority and make some needed changes for your practice.

We are here to help if you need us.

Thanks for stopping by.


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